Gwinnett Medical Center Careers

David W

What’s your role at GMC?

My job is vital in ensuring that the entire hospital operates efficiently. I help build and maintain our servers, manage the data that our applications use, and offer overall technical support.

How have you grown in your career?

I joined GMC’s IT department as a new Gwinnett tech grad. I started out as an entry-level technician in the operations area and was soon promoted to PC Tech. I also gained experience in clinical applications and clinical integration infrastructure before joining the server administration team where I am now.

What makes GMC a special place?

I’ve lived in Gwinnett for all but one year of my life. I have a lot of personal ties to GMC – my daughter was born at the GMC Women’s Pavilion and my wife works as a nurse in the ED. It’s really nice to work for a hospital that cares about its patients and employees alike.

What’s most rewarding about your job?

I come in at the very start of an IT project to help build the foundation. When the project finally goes live, it’s great to know that I’ve played a big part in it.

Meet some others on the team:

Meet some others on the team: