Gwinnett Medical Center Careers

Juanita G

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Respiratory therapy involves a lot more than breathing treatments. In an emergency situation, we’re the first to be called because if people aren’t breathing, nothing else really matters. It’s a great feeling to know we’re such an integral part of the team.

Why did you become a respiratory therapist?

My great grandmother was my favorite person. When she developed emphysema, I wanted to learn more about her condition and how I could help. She inspired me to become a therapist, and I’ve been in respiratory care ever since.

What makes GMC a special place?

Our department has the whole package. I work with cutting-edge technology, have a lot of autonomy, and at the same time belong to a supportive team. Our patients value our input, and we have the chance to build a relationship with each of them.

Tell us something interesting about yourself.

I grew up on a tobacco farm in Kentucky, so I love the irony that I turned out to be a respiratory therapist!

Meet some others on the team:

Meet some others on the team: