Gwinnett Medical Center Careers

Mark B

What’s your role at GMC?

I’m in a unique position within the pharmacy department because I have both clinical and dispensing duties. This gives me a better understanding of my patients’ needs and how I can help them. A typical day for me is dispensing, as well as making team rounds in the ICU, medical and surgical floors to manage medication therapy.

What makes GMC a special place?

The friendly environment and people I work with make GMC a special place. I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of different things over the years, including taking on my first management role, being GMC’s first night pharmacist, and opening and developing the pharmacy services in the Women’s Pavilion.

What’s changed the most since you’ve joined?

We’re constantly growing, so the size and scope of our services has expanded a lot. On the pharmacy side, the complexity and expense of medication, the evolution of computers and digital records, as well as the ever-changing information you need to know to do your job effectively are what have changed the most.

What’s changed the least?

The goal has always been to treat the patient and to do it efficiently and effectively – and that remains the same. I’ve always been able to communicate openly with my team of physicians and nurses to make sure I’m doing everything I can to support great patient care.

Meet some others on the team:

Meet some others on the team: